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Acceleration program for Ukrainian businesses supporting post-war recovery and social impact.
About program

Impact Business is an in-depth acceleration program, created by an international team of experts, entrepreneurs, and investors for the active businesses registered in Ukraine that want to contribute to the post-war recovery of Ukraine and create positive and lasting social impact.

Core program benefits

To boost your company and help you develop impact strategy, we are offering you:

  • Virtual Program

    Unique 9-month equity-free virtual program

  • Top Resources

    Free access to global tech resources

  • Business Mentorship

    30 hours of dedicated time with mentors

  • Professional Coaches

    Hundreds of experts and coaches from leading international companies and successful start-ups

  • Cash Grants

    2 companies can win up to €20,000 grant provided by Ukrainian Social Venture Fund under the "Collaborate for Impact" project, funded by the European Union and implemented in partnership with EVPA

  • Matching

    Connection to top investors

  • Training format

  • Online classes

    Online lectures (both live and on demand) based on the company’s needs

  • Individual consultations

    Face-to-face online sessions for teams with mentors and experts

  • Mandatory homework

    Home assignments contribute to mastering the material and putting the acquired knowledge into practice

  • Pitching clinics

    Enhancing pitching and presentation skills

  • Demo presentations

    Presentation to global investors during the Demo Day

The main criteria for the selection of participants

  • Legal entity

    The company has to be registered and has been operating in Ukraine for at least one year. Enterprises should submit copies of registration certificates.

  • Financial activity / stability

    The business model of the company demonstrates the potential for financial stability and further development. The company should submit its tax reporting for the first three quarters of 2022 (if available) or the annual tax report for 2021.

  • Team

    The company has an enthusiastic team of founders and employees who are invested in the success of the project, are open to mentoring, and are interested in the development of the company (at least 3 people). The list of employees should be presented together with a description of their key role. All team members participating in the acceleration program should be able to communicate and to conduct business in both Ukrainian and English.

  • Business model

    The business model of a company is a model with proven profitability and market opportunities and can be scaled to other cities and regions of the country or globally. The company should present a business plan with a realistic forecast for the company to achieve a certain level of profitability.

  • Product readiness

    The company has a product/service/program already on the market, or ready to launch on the market within 6 months from starting the acceleration program.

  • Model innovation

    The proposed business model, product, or service is innovative in solving a particular problem. The presence of an innovative component increases the chances of being selected for participation in the accelerator program.

  • Scalability potential

    The business model can be scaled to other cities, regions of the country or globally.

  • Ethics

    The company has ethics guidelines and follows ethics norms and principles in how they conduct their business, including in their reporting.

  • Impact

    The company should either have a formalized impact mission (goal) OR have intention and be committed to pivot their business model(s)to prioritize social impact efforts alongside the profits and be willing to codify that in governance documents. While the acceleration program will help the participant crystalize, formalize and define a measurement approach for the social impact, the program applicants should have a broad idea(s) of what type of social impact / cause / challenge they want to help address.

  • Program commitment

    Ability and willingness to attend all required classes, workshops and practice sessions and complete required homework assignments.

  • Sectors

    Companies from all verticals and industries can apply if they believe the program would be relevant to them and they aspire to create more social impact. An additional advantage will be for innovative tech solutions and/or those that meet the challenges of time. We would prioritize participants from next areas:

    • Energy
    • Agriculture
    • Healthcare
    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • IT
    • Cybersecurity
    • Infrastructure
    • Chemical industry
    • Construction industry
    • Logistics
    • Services (e.g., Education, ecommerce, innovative retail, Social services / work with vulnerable groups, Culture preservation and promotion, etc.)
    • Finance
    • Customer goods
    • Ecology (e.g., water purification, recycling, etc.)

Our Mentors

  • Valentina Rakitina
  • Roman Zinchenko
  • Julia Tarasova
  • Daryna Bielianska
  • Alena Kalibaba
  • Mariia Romanova
  • Anna Gulevska-Chernysh
  • Kateryna Ushakova
  • Anastasia Sleptsova
  • Ihor Ovcharenko
  • Marianna Samsonova
  • Karina Lapina
  • Tatyana Rumanyukha
  • Alina Tokmylenko
  • Olga Royenko
  • Alina Bocharnikova

Join our Network of Experts to support impact-driven businesses in Ukraine!

As part of our commitment to fostering positive change, we are seeking partners who can provide pro-bono consultations to our program participants, sharing their valuable insights and expertise. Are you passionate about driving positive change in Ukraine? Join our Network of Experts and help shape the future of impact-driven business in Ukraine.

Program Participants

  • Vilna Nytka


    Creating a scalable and sustainable business model that funds shelters, provides opportunities for women to learn new skills, gain fair employment, and improve their economic situation, while preserving traditional crafts, promoting mentoring and teaching, and building more inclusive communities.

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  • Vilni


    Providing remote work opportunities, psychological support, and training in hard skills, to Ukrainian women who lack digital skills and have been affected by war.

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  • Faina Polyna


    Reducing the level of unemployment in rural areas and increasing self-employment through the development of family-owned berry farms.

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  • It’s Craft


    Fostering the development of human potential in the creative industries, craft production, arts, cultural heritage revitalization, and modernization in Ukraine, and supporting Ukrainian crafters, artisans, writers, and artists.

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  • CheckEye

    Health care, IT

    Diagnosing and providing vision-saving interventions for a minimum of 600,000 individuals across nine Eastern European countries within a 3-year timeframe.

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  • Green for you


    Providing job opportunities for internally displaced people. Utilizing only locally grown food in their products.

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  • Goodo

    Health care, IT

    Promoting understanding of mental health, challenging stereotypes surrounding it, providing guidance on preventing burnout. Coping with challenges such as living during times of war, building self-confidence. Facilitating access to professional psychologists.

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  • Promhydroprivod

    Industry, Energy, Agriculture

    Replacing imported industrial equipment with domestically produced with the aim of reducing dependence on foreign imports and supporting domestic industries. Focusing on engaging young people in the industrial production process. Expanding the portfolio of services for local production of industrial equipment and spare parts.

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  • NO WASTE Ukraine

    Waste Management Infrastructure, Services, Environment

    Establishing a network of at least 300 sorting stations across Ukraine. Expanding to the Polish, US, and UK markets. Becoming an innovative business with green values in the waste management market during the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, which will provide residents of cities with high-quality and affordable services for waste separation, promoting the strengthening of a responsible culture of waste management through practices such as separate collection and recycling.

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  • Kint


    Promoting Ukrainian design, using local products, and creating a cluster of brands. 

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  • Made with Bravery

    Retail Services

    Facilitating the entry of small Ukrainian producers into foreign markets and allocating 100% of our company's profits to housing reconstruction.

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  • Medvoice


    Providing free educational training on the critical medical topics, like Covid-related training, and war-related first aid courses.

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    Psychological Services

    Popularizing care for mental health and changing stereotypes about reaching out for help related to emotional well-being.

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  • MustHave

    Apparel retail and manufacturing

    Reducing unemployment in their communities through the "sewing school" initiative, which provides training and employment opportunities to individuals without experience. Сreating an innovative hub and online handbook for the consumer goods industry in the Zhytomyr region, with the goal of exchanging experience, creating learning classes, implementing eco-friendly production standards, and striving towards waste-free production.

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  • Tepla Hora Foundation


    Providing an opportunity for people who have suffered from war to rest and recover for free. Offering a special 10-day recovery program for military personnel and volunteers in the Ukrainian mountains.

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  • Rekava

    Cleantech, sustainability, ecology

    Promoting responsible consumption and production. Taking action to combat climate change and its impacts.

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  • ClinCaseQuest

    Healthcare Education

    Reducing medical errors, promoting accurate diagnosis and improving patients outcomes both in Ukraine and worldwide.

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  • Anzy Home


    Providing employment opportunities in knitting production to socially vulnerable women, including internally displaced girls and women, pensioners, and single mothers, while contributing to more inclusive and resilient communities.

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  • Cardio AI

     Health Care, Med Tech, Deep Tech

    Providing easy access to the cardiac diagnostic services throughout Ukraine, particularly in remote regions lacking quality healthcare, with the aim to detect early symptoms of cardiac disease.

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  • Ecola

    Ecology, Services

    Minimizing negative environmental impacts, such as water, soil, and air pollution, through the popularization of waste sorting, providing affordable services for waste recycling, and promoting sustainability and environmental awareness. 

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  • Replast

    Services, Products

    Producing environmentally-friendly products with at least 30% of the raw materials used in production as secondary raw materials. 

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    Agri-food, FoodTech

    Committed to retaining current employees and ensuring job security. Increase in production and exports for Ukrainian food companies. Make Ukraine a world recognized R&D hub for the Agri-food industry. Community development in Vinnytsia. Providing training and employment opportunities for retired military personnel. 

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  • Ecopan


    Promoting energy-efficient and environmentally friendly construction practices in Ukraine and the European Union, utilizing technologically advanced methods to promote resource-saving and sustainable construction.

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Join forces with us to drive positive change in Ukraine!

Impact Business is seeking dynamic partners  to help cultivate and support the next generation of impact-driven business in Ukraine.

Application for the program will be open in 2024
Application for the program will be open in 2024
Application for the program will be open in 2024

About organizers

The program was created by Impact Force, a Ukrainian NGO, in partnership with leading global and local organizations

Ukrainian NGO focussed on social behavior change, lasting social impact, creating economic opportunities and taking action for the common good.
SiLab Ukraine is a professional platform for social entrepreneurship and social innovation development, impact investment promotion, social partnership building.
State body responsible for designing and implementing the state policy in the sector of digitization, open data, national electronic information resources and interoperability, introducing e-services and more.
State institution that operates for the effective development of entrepreneurship and exports and promotes the updating of the Strategy for small and medium entrepreneurship in Ukraine and the development of unified programs to support SMEs
Large-scale national project for entrepreneurship and export promotion, that was initiated by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine in February 2020. Since May 2021 the project is implemented jointly by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office (ЕЕРО). EEPO is the state institution that is in charge for the promotion and support of Ukrainian entrepreneurship both in the domestic and foreign markets. operates a global platform that convenes partners from all sectors to build a more equitable, just, and sustainable economy. Our TRANSFORM Support Hub helps corporations from around the world connect with and empower social enterprises, while also educating and engaging their employees on social innovation.
Tech To The Rescue is a platform connecting changemakers from the non-profit and tech communities to create a better world. We harness the power of the tech for good movement to help NGOs increase their impact.
Netguru is one of the fastest-growing digital consultancies in EU helping entrepreneurs build new software solution that matters. We design and develop web and mobile applications for world changers.
PHINEO is a non-profit research and analysis institute and consultancy for impact-driven civic engagement. PHINEO's mission is to strengthen the civil society and social impact in order to solve society's toughest challenges.
LCF Law Group is a leader in Ukraine's legal market, specializing in a number of industries, such as Agribusiness, Banking & Finance, Energy & Natural resources, IT & Telecom, Gambling, Manufacturing & FMCG, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Retail & Commerce, Transportation & Infrastructure. LCF provides legal advice on corporate, banking, and finance matters, as well as litigation services in administrative and civil law, bankruptcy, competition, commercial, corporate, employment, financial, IP, land, and tax law. LCF and its leading professionals are recognized by international and local ratings, including Chambers Europe, Chambers Global, Best Lawyers, Benchmark litigation Europe, The legal 500, IFLR 1000, World tax, etc.
The program is supported by academics and alumni from the University of Cambridge.
Application for the program will be open in 2024
Application for the program will be open in 2024
Application for the program will be open in 2024
people in the conference room during video meeting

Key topics

The program will cover fundamentals of impact economy, as well as general business topics:

  • Fundamentals of impact economy:
  • Impact economy and the benefits it brings to companies, consumers and society

  • Leading business with social impact: understanding theory of changed and expected outcomes, impacts and outputs, KPIs and how to report it

  • Scaling and export strategies in order to effectively grow your business in and outside of Ukraine

  • Social impact and fundraising

  • General business topics:
  • Commercial and b2b partnership development

  • Marketing, branding and positioning

  • Human resources

  • Business operations

  • Finance and accounting

  • Fundraising and pitching to investors

Join the program and get access to:

  • 10 live lectures & workshops
  • 11 modules / guides with required homework focused on key business topics on impact economy
  • On-demand content for key business topics 
  • Monthly check-ins with dedicated program mentors
  • Thousands of on-demand experts globally
  • Exclusive virtual and in-person events with peers, partners, and investors
  • Free technology resources from project partners 
  • Final presentation to investors @Demo Day in December 2023
  • 2 companies can win up to €20,000 grant provided by Ukrainian Social Venture Fund under the "Collaborate for Impact" project, funded by the European Union and implemented in partnership with EVPA

* The organizers reserve the right not to explain or comment on the reasons for rejection of applicants based on the selection results.

Our Partners

Companies supporting the program

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  • SiLab Ukraine logo black
  • Ministry of digial transformation of Ukraine logo black
  • Entrepreneurship and export promotion office logo
  • Diia Business logo
  • Moving worlds logo black
  • Tech to the Rescue logo black
  • Netguru logo black
  • LCF logo

Who Benefits From Our Program?

We are looking for active enterprises that are registered in Ukraine and aspire to have an impact strategy as part of the core strategy or are committed to integrate it.

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